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How to Build a Disc Golf Basket?

    Disc golf courses can be found in many parks across the country. In addition, many parks feature disc golf courses designed specifically for the sport. Spending ten minutes or several hours on a disc golf course is both highly enjoyable and highly rewarding. But sometimes it is not possible to visit the park, so what’s the alternative? 

    It is best to make your own disc golf basket and start playing in your space. But the main question is how to build a disc golf basket.

    This article will guide you to make your own disc golf basket for playing as much as when you like. Let’s get started!

    How to Build a Disc Golf Basket?

    A disc golf basket can be made at home in a number of different ways. Using robust galvanized steel metal items is one example of the ingenuity of some proposed solutions. Some are extremely elementary like a box converted into a disc golf basket. Let’s check out a few novel approaches to making your own disc golf basket.

    1) Making A Steel Disc Golf Basket

    The basket instructions listed below are a good option. It resembles a DGA Disc Golf Basket, a professional-looking golf basket. 

    Materials Needed:

    • Chain coil
    • Trash can lids
    • Metal barrels
    • Steel posts
    • Plywood
    • 12 – nylon locking nuts
    • 12 – zinc plated eye bolts
    • 8 – 2″ 10/24 bolt/washer/nut sets
    • 18 – 1″ drywall screws/washers
    • 12 – T-Nuts
    • 6 -4″ or 6″ corner brackets
    • 36 – self-tapping metal screws
    • 4 – various sized hose clamps
    • ‘2 – closet flange
    • 2 – 15′ 3/8″ rubber air hose
    • 2 – PVC coupling
    • 2 – flange extension ring
    • 36 – 3/16″ zinc plated quick links


    • Start by removing 8 inches from the top and bottom of the steel barrels and setting them aside. If you don’t have a lid for a trash can handy, you can use the top or bottom of a barrel instead. After you’ve made your cuts, polish the barrels’ newfound sharp edges with a metal file or Dremel.
    • You could reinforce the top of your disc golf basket by screwing plywood to the top of your trash can. Do the same thing you would with a trash can lid if you are using the bottom or top of a barrel as the top of your basket.
    • Make six holes for the bolts in the plywood lid. If you drill a circle in the middle of the plywood, the holes should come out roughly circular. Spread them out. These are what you’ll need to fasten the chain to the top. The T-nuts and eye bolts should then be installed. Use the nylon locking nuts and washers to keep them in place.
    • Putting on the chains is the next step. The two chains that surround it and the one inside it must be joined together. On the outer chain, it is suggested that each link be separated by at least five inches. Drill holes in the lid of the trash can at regular intervals (we recommend every five inches) to accommodate the chain’s attachment. Finally, affix the shortcuts to it. Maintain a working quick links window open at all times. After that is finished, the chain can be attached.
    • The chain cannot be fastened until the basket is attached to the post. Get a rubber PVC coupling to rest about four inches below the desired basket base. Next, connect the rubber coupling to the closet flange by sliding it down. Attach the basket’s metal barrel base to the flange with screws.
    • Two L-brackets should be fastened to the top of the steel pole. L-brackets are used to secure the lid. What will support the basket?
    • Start severing the chains. Attach each chain to the top of the lid’s outer clips and inner bolts. Attach the chain’s lowermost link to a hose clamp.
    • It is now time to put your disc golf baskets on the ground. Dig the hole with a post-hole digger and pour cement into the ground. You could use an umbrella base if you want something more portable.

    2) Building A Lawn Chair Golf Basket

    Do you think it would be tough to construct a professional disc golf basket? Why complicate things if a straightforward solution exists? As you can see, even a lawn chair can be repurposed into a disc golf basket. Utilize a steel post and install it in the ground to construct this.

    An umbrella base is a great option if you’re looking for a lightweight, portable disc golf basket. Next, fasten the lawn chair’s pole to the ground. Finally, you could lean it up against a fence for support.

    3) Building A Box Golf Basket

    This disc golf basket concept is extremely basic. It’s not quite the same as a regulation disc golf basket, but it could do the trick more like a target disc golf game. Throw a frisbee at a box by sticking a shovel in the ground, placing a box on top of it (any box will do, but Amazon is preferred), and then throwing it at the box.

    Bottom Line

    This was all about how to build a disc golf basket. If you have limited space in your yard, you may need to utilize both the front and back to have enough room to play. The recommended minimum number of holes 

    As a disc golfer, learning how to construct a disc golf basket is a fun skill to have. If you can construct one in your backyard, you can also practice putting form and throws at home.

    Thank you for reading!