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Does Walmart Sell Disc Golf Discs?

    Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, is a sport with rules and objectives nearly identical to those of golf. The sport even has a professional association, similar to golf’s PGA, but the majority of participants play on park-based courses. Therefore, if you are a beginner or a fan of this game, you should acquire multiple disc types to play it. So where to buy the discs? Does Walmart sell disc golf discs?

    Yes, Walmart does sell disc golf discs, and you can buy them online or in their store. Moreover, Walmart has a wide range of discs of various types & from various manufacturers. 

    Let’s get to know more about the availability & price of disc golf discs at Walmart. 

    Does Walmart Sell Disc Golf Discs?

    Yes, Walmart sells disc golf discs, which can be purchased in-store or online. Moreover, Walmart carries a vast selection of discs from various manufacturers of various types.

    If you are in their store and cannot find the disc golf disc, then you should ask an employee out there to locate them. If by chance there is an unavailability of discs in the store, then you can buy them at their website. There you can buy as wide a variety of discs as you like.

    What Is The Price Of Disc Golf Discs At Walmart?

    A disc for disc golf typically costs between $13 and $15. Nevertheless, disc golf discs can range in price from $8 to $20, depending on factors such as plastic quality, manufacturer, rarity, dye, type of disc, and whether or not the model is still being made.

    If you buy a set of disc golf discs, then you can expect to pay less as they set costs you less compared to single discs. 

    How Many Discs Should You Have To Play Disc Golf?

    In order to participate in a round of disc golf, you will need at least three different discs, including a putter, a driver, and a mid-range disc. But whenever you go out to play a round, you should always make sure to bring a minimum of six discs with you—two of each type.

    Why Is Buying Discs Online Best?

    The internet is the best place to find low-priced discs for disc golf. In general, the selection is poor, and the prices are higher at local big-box retailers. Stores that don’t specialize in disc golf typically have a limited selection and charge more than the suggested retail price. 

    They’re asking $20 for a disc that can be purchased elsewhere for $13. Besides, who likes to pay full price when they don’t have to?

    Whether To Buy From Walmart Store or Walmart Website?

    The cost of shipping is often not factored into online disc purchases. Although there will be some shipping expenses, you will still save money compared to buying locally. 

    There is also an additional waiting period of several days when purchasing discs online. One major perk of online shopping for discs for frisbee golf is not having to leave the house.

    So, you should buy disc golf discs at Walmart if it is near you and provide you with a range of discs. But if it is not provided with good variety, then it is best to visit the Walmart website & buy your favorite discs there. 

    Bottom Line

    This was all about does Walmart sell disc golf discs. So Yes, it does sell disc golf discs, and you can buy them in-store & also from their websites, as you like. 

    Thank you for reading!