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About US

Porcupine Ridge Disc Golf Course is a linear 18-hole intermediate and pro disc golf course on 40 acres of third generation family-owned land in Augusta, Maine.

The entire course including the Club House was built and designed by Bob and Bobby Greig with construction assistance by All Season and its’ employees.

There is a nice mix of field and wooded area for playing. Starting out at the Club House, the course is relatively open until the sixth hole which drops forty feet in elevation. Hole 7 through Hole 16 is played in an old grove forest with varying elevation and obstacles.

After completing Hole 17 which is surrounded by an old streaming brook, players find themselves at Porcupine Ridge’s Signature Hole – Number 18. Hole 18 crosses the brook (from Hole 17) and is a spectacular uphill shot that will keep you coming back for more.

Tee Pads

All holes have two cement tee boxes: Intermediate and Professional. Intermediate tee pads are white while Professional tee pads are blue.

Each tee pad comes equipped with a bench, trash can and cigarette disposal. All holes are clearly posted with directional signs that layout distance and location.

Normal playing time for an 18-hole intermediate game is approximately one and a half hours; Pro course playing time is about two hours.

Practice Area

There is a practice area with putting and intermediate shots which are always available for warm up.

Disc Rental

Disc rentals are available at the Pro Shop which is open Friday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday and holidays.


Porcupine Ridge Disc Golf Course has Innova disc catcher pro baskets which have a 28 chain assembly for better disc catching.

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